Aug 6, 2007

Lake Delavan, Wisconsin

Some guys from work spent a long weekend at Lake Delavan, Wisconsin. We took two boats and got on the water Thursday night and packed it in Monday afternoon. Overall we caught a bunch of fish; a lot of bass, a few small pike, one 4lb catfish, and a dinner's worth of crappie and blue gill. We didn't catch a lot of monsters, but the action was steady the entire time which always makes it fun. Monday morning the algae cutting/mowing machines were out clearing the cover off the lake and the bite slowed.

Sadly, the good ship Clif didn't make the trip. But we had two fine boats:

A few nice bass:

This guy's best crappie so far. It doesn't look that big, but he's a big man:

He has big hands:

Other events included a Brewers game, poker and botchy ball. We had a few frosty brews too.

Posing for one final picture after the boats were out and the bags were packed:
We decided the event would have to become an annual event named the "Toothless Beaver" fishing trip after the radio call sign of one of the two boats. T-shirts are on the way.

Jul 21, 2007

Banner Marsh Trip and the Digital Scale

Well a buddy and I went to Banner Marsh in July 2007 and we took my new toy: a digital scale. So I guess what this means is that from now on the weights I report will have no doubt associated and they'll be reported to the hundredth of a pound. Decent outing with three "picture worthy" fish boated.

3.20 lb:

2.29 lb:

3.03 lb:

Jul 12, 2007

Banner Marsh Trip

A buddy and I hit up the usual spot at Banner Marsh and caught some truly decent fish. Nothing huge, but three fish over three pounds makes for a good outing.

3.5lb and 18 "

3.5lb and 18"

3.75lb and 18.5"

Jul 8, 2007

Banner Marsh Trip

Duby and I went to Banner Marsh in July 2007. Again, I don't rememer much about this trip. Judging by the pictures, we didn't catch many big fish and I needed a hair cut.

Jun 24, 2007

Surprise! It's a Musky!

My soon to be father in law and I went to Snakeden Hollow to try and catch some bass and crappy. I was fishing a 5" plastic worm up near the shore among some standing timber. I threw the lure within a couple inches of a fallen log and saw a fish break the surface immediately. I didn't feel a thing on the line, so I left the bait where it fell for a second. Then I gave the line a tap to shake the lure and the fight was on. I yelled that we needed to get the boat over there (we had two anchors down) because there were 4-5 trees between me and the boat and I knew this was big. While he was pulling up the second anchor, I saw the flash of the fish and yelled "it's a musky" and watched the fish swim 1.5 times around a tree. My heart dropped, I thought it was over. We pulled the boat over to the tree and I put my pole around the tree to unwrap the line and the fight was on again. When I got the fish close enough, my father in law netted it. He lifted the net and the fish was heavy enough to fall right out the bottom of the net. The fight was on again, this time with a net around the line. We finally got the 37" 11lb musky in the boat. The funny part was the night before I decided to respool my line and the only thing I had handy was 20lb test braided line. Normally I fish 10lb mono filament, but luckily I spooled up with what I had and it held up to some serious abuse.

Jun 17, 2007

Fathers Day 2007

My sister and I took dad out fishing for fathers day 2007. We went and fished the Illinois River from under the grain elevator in Chillicothe, IL. It's a spot I've had good luck catching catfish in the past. While they were fishing for catfish, I tied on a rubber worm to see if any bass were around. I ended up catching a 5lb carp on the second cast. It was my first carp. After that it was a slow day, the only other action we had was a catfish that got off when my sister reeled it to shore.

My sis probably would have tried to make a better face if she knew I would post this on the Internet.

May 19, 2007

The Spawn is On!

Kerr and I went out fishing at Banner Marsh in late May 2007. It was Kerr's first fishing trip in years so he was pretty excited when he caught his first of the day. The excitement never wore off, as we fished for 3 hours and brought in 11 fish. 7 of those fish we deemed picture worthy, the little one Kerr caught was picture worthy only because it was his first catch in years.

May 12, 2007

Shore Fishing Alone

I went out to Banner Marsh on my own in May 2007. Because it's a two person job to load and unload the good ship Clif I fished from shore. I truly don't remember anything about that day being remarkable, but I have these pictures. The only thing I can say is it looks like it was sunny and I didn't shower.

Apr 28, 2007

The Two That Got Away

Duby and I went out to the same old spot at Banner Marsh in search of bass, what we caught were a couple "one that got away" stories. Here they are, believe them if you want.

I was finesse fishing a 5" rubber worm up near the bank when the line got heavy. I mean HEAVY. It didn't take long to get the beast close to the boat, and I realized I had a musky hooked. We fumbled around in my tiny boat trying to get my tiny bass net around the fish - no luck. Then in a split second, the line got light and I watched it swim away with my lure hanging from it's mouth.

Later that day, Duby hooked into another musky. After our experience with the first one, I wasted no time reaching down and grabbing it by the gills. I pulled it up, we admired it a few seconds and we began making arrangements for a picture. I handed him the fish and what happened next was a true tragedy. The fish squirmed and Duby dropped it. One bounce off the boat and splash! Based on what we could remember from when I was holding the fish we believe it was 40-42". We did take a picture after it was all over, you can still see the splash marks on his shirt. The poor guy boated a nice musky and had no proof other than a cut on his finger.

All in all it was a great day. We hooked into two muskies, and even had one in the boat. All the while we were looking to catch some bass; I know plenty of musky angler's would would love a day like that.

Apr 21, 2007

Banner Marsh Trip

A buddy and I went to Banner Marsh in April 2007 and he caught this pre-spawn female. My notes say she was 18.5" and 3lb and looking at that belly I'd say my notes are right. Looks like she's got a pretty good gash in on side.

Two pictures, same fish:

Apr 14, 2007

First Fish of 2007!

I had been to Banner Marsh three times starting in March of 2007 and was blanked every day. Adding to the frustration, buffalo gnats had hatched and were eating me alive (bug spray didn't work). Then on the forth trip of the year I finally got on the scoreboard with this beauty. I normally don't take pictures of small fish, but I was so excited to finally have some luck.