May 19, 2007

The Spawn is On!

Kerr and I went out fishing at Banner Marsh in late May 2007. It was Kerr's first fishing trip in years so he was pretty excited when he caught his first of the day. The excitement never wore off, as we fished for 3 hours and brought in 11 fish. 7 of those fish we deemed picture worthy, the little one Kerr caught was picture worthy only because it was his first catch in years.

May 12, 2007

Shore Fishing Alone

I went out to Banner Marsh on my own in May 2007. Because it's a two person job to load and unload the good ship Clif I fished from shore. I truly don't remember anything about that day being remarkable, but I have these pictures. The only thing I can say is it looks like it was sunny and I didn't shower.