Jul 21, 2007

Banner Marsh Trip and the Digital Scale

Well a buddy and I went to Banner Marsh in July 2007 and we took my new toy: a digital scale. So I guess what this means is that from now on the weights I report will have no doubt associated and they'll be reported to the hundredth of a pound. Decent outing with three "picture worthy" fish boated.

3.20 lb:

2.29 lb:

3.03 lb:

Jul 12, 2007

Banner Marsh Trip

A buddy and I hit up the usual spot at Banner Marsh and caught some truly decent fish. Nothing huge, but three fish over three pounds makes for a good outing.

3.5lb and 18 "

3.5lb and 18"

3.75lb and 18.5"

Jul 8, 2007

Banner Marsh Trip

Duby and I went to Banner Marsh in July 2007. Again, I don't rememer much about this trip. Judging by the pictures, we didn't catch many big fish and I needed a hair cut.