Apr 27, 2008

Birds of Prey

I'm going to stray from fishing topics for this post. Again, I think the people who are interested in fishing would be interested in this. We have a couple predatory birds flying around our neighborhood. After seeing them for the past week, I finally discovered their nest today. Here are some pictures. Can anyone identify them?

Apr 19, 2008


Out with the old....

In with the new!

It was a bitter sweet day today. A co-worker and I swapped boats, so while I lost The Good Ship Clif, I gained what will hopefully work out to be a better boat. The new boat is a 10' aluminum, it has three benches and as you can see two benches are fitted with swivel seats. I won't say it is perfect shape, the swivel seats will need to be replaced as they were both in pretty sad shape. One had even been set on fire at some point.

I filled the boat with water to see if it would hold water, assuming if it holds water it will also keep it out. I found quite a few slow leaks which will require some attention, but nothing serious. Maybe I'll leave it as is and just buy a bilge pump.

Pretty soon I'll have this puppy registered and fit for the water. Stay tuned while I decide on a more creative name than The Good Ship Clif II.

Apr 6, 2008


A buddy and I took the good ship Clif down to my normal spot at Banner Marsh this afternoon. The wind was blowing right through our jackets and I eventually caught a case of the full body shivers. However, the first fish of 2008 was put in the boat when he caught a 12" crappie on a narrow bodied shallow running crank bait. I ended up with only a couple missed strikes on a white jig and pig.

Also, while loading the boat back into the truck we were attacked by wild animals. It's a story that won't be done justice in type, so if you're curious ask.

12" is a great start to the season.

Apr 3, 2008

Slow going

Well, its April now. I always read about how ice out fishing is the best time to catch heavy bass. My experience so far seems to prove the opposite. I've been out 3 times so far and haven't caught anything but the shad I mentioned in an earlier post.

I hope things turn around soon...I can't take much more defeat.