Aug 20, 2008

Banner Marsh and a Picture Worthy Definition

Went to Banner Marsh with Scott on a weekday evening and experienced some slow fishing. It was nice because Scott doesn't come around's no fault of his. In fact, if you ask, he'll say the same about me. Despite the reminiscing and catching up we did, this is the only fish we deemed picture worthy.

"Picture worthy" is a term I've been throwing around on this blog for a while and it's clear to me now that an small disclaimer is in order. I realize now "picture worthy" is definitely a relative term. This fish is big relative to other fish of the day, but compared to the bass normally featured on Lunkerhunt, this thing is just a toddler.

Aug 16, 2008

Banner Marsh

Father in law and I went out and fished Johnson Lake at banner marsh. We didn't have a lot of success and here's the only fish we felt deserved a picture.

Aug 2, 2008

Strip Pit Fishing

Some co-workers and I went to a private strip mine club located in Fulton County for some bass fishing. Overall it was good for two of us (keeping 7 total, but letting the little ones and big ones below go), but the third guy somehow got blanked.