Dec 31, 2008

Fly Tie Time

One of the problems I've found here in central Illinois is that the stores only sell trout flies, but we don't have any trout. If you want a bass bug you have to go on-line or make your own. So this year, a Christmas request I had was fly tying kit. Unfortunately Santa didn't come through. However, my in-laws did come through with a Gander Mountain gift card so I went out and purchased one yesterday. I spent most of the night playing around with it. I started out easy and followed the step-by-step instructions to tie a Woolly Bugger. It's kind of ugly and when I tie the next one it will be much better.

Then I got a little more advanced. I tied the following two Clouser Minnows without step by step instructions, but I did use a picture.

And finally I really stepped out of the box, I tied the following creature. I got the idea from a funny little fly I couldn't even begin to describe that Dave tied, but this is entirely different. In the short amount of time I've been looking at bass flies I've seen nothing like it, so I think I'll call it Clif's Crawdad. The only thing I think I will do differently next time is to make it weedless with a loop of heavy-weight mono and I'd like to see what it does if I move the weigh closer to the middle instead of near the eye. There are probably many ways to get the same effect, but this is how I did it:

Here is my first attempt at using MS Movie Maker...also Lunkerhunt's first video. I felt a video was required to do this thing justice. Here's hoping it works!

Dec 11, 2008

Historic Documents

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently stumbled upon some fishing pictures from 2003. I know these aren't the oldest fishing pictures of me in existence, but until Scott finds them these will have to do. Get on it Scott!

The pictures I found seem to all be from a single trip to the "Lacon Pits." That's what we called the former strip mine just north of Lacon, it's attached the river so it has plenty of species. There was good shore access, and the gravel bottom made fishing mostly snag free. Sadly, the following year we went there to fish and all the trees were torn out and a no fishing sign posted. Not sure what happened, but I'm guessing they planned to develop the lake or there was some sort of liability issue. If that hadn't happend, I'd still go there all the time. Maybe I should drive by, it's been 5 years so maybe I can fish it again.

I've decided to string these out a little and not post them all at once, to keep my two or three readers begging for more. Next up, pictures from the great gar harvest of 03.

Skinny Scott and a drum

Long haired Kerr with something, can't tell what.

Me with a bass

Dec 2, 2008

Tackle Box Photo Shoot

I got an artsy feeling, so I pulled out my Nikon and a few of my more photogenic lures. Here are four of the best shots I got. They are of an old crankbait I have but don't use, one of my largest spinners and my Spook Jr.

Edit: There are 4 pictures, if you see less hit the refresh button. For some reason it's not loading them all on my computer....hmm