Jul 7, 2009

We see eye to eye to eye

Restaurant health inspections are a big deal to me. Every year the list of eateries to avoid grows by at least a couple. I've even kept on top of this long enough to know the repeat offenders *cough* Old Chicago *cough.* Well...I'll eat there, but I damn well won't feel good about it. I might even complain a little.

Most of my quarry finds itself swimming again, but you can bet fish consumption advisories are still a big hit in this house. Sure adult men and women "beyond childbearing age" can eat a little, but why bother? Call me selfish, but if I'm going to protect my dependents, yours truly should be afforded the same provisions. Blinky and I agree: Sucking down mercury meat once a month is better than once a week but we'd rather go the extra mile avoiding it all together. In response to this I can only say it takes all types to make the world go round.

These two arms may limit the number of rods I can cast, but hugging is much less complicated the old fashioned way.

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  1. Ha! Great post Clif. I just made my first ever New Year's resolution...I'm giving up food!


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