Oct 27, 2009

Game time decision

This year I've gone river fishing more than ever in my life and have already learned an important lesson... Waterwatch

If you're already a river angler, you're probably already in the know. If you're new to the scene (such as I am) consider this link pure gold.

The site is maintained by the US Geological Survey, and holds real time information about water levels on most major rivers and streams. If you're new at this or targeting a small body of water, you'll still have to see it in person. After you've fished a listed river, go check the site. You'll quickly correlate "the water was too high" to "the water was x feet deep." I've also checked the depth on days fellow bloggers remark about the water being "in perfect condition."

Once you know, in feet, how deep good water is, make an informed decision before you hit the road. If it's good, rock on! If it's bad, go to a lake instead.

Oct 25, 2009

A cessation of normal operation

My ruler still hasn't let me down, but another reel bit the dust. As a result, the ruler will be seeing it's forth "upgrade" next season.

I bought this Shimano Sidestab 2500 a couple seasons ago to replace a Sidestab 2000. The bale on the older reel stopped closing automatically and I wrote that off as normal wear and tear. I decided to upgrade to the slightly larger 2500. Imagine my frustration when the replacement started doing the same thing this summer. "Upgrading" got me the same tear with half the wear. Well, now the bale has fallen off completely and I'm getting a little frustrated. I'm starting to question Shimano's quality, but I sure did love these reels when they worked. The Sidestab series isn't "top of the line," but using someone else's reel reminds me how nice they are.

I'm now a little torn. On one hand, I've had two Shimanos fail in short order. On the other hand I've got two extra spools waiting for a fresh Shimano reel. The replacement will be a spinning reel suited for 8-10lb test, but I'm open for suggestions on the model. What is your favorite make/model? Anyone have similar problems and looking for a place to complain?

Now I'm wondering if I still have the original reel....maybe I can combine the two. Maybe the combination would last a month.

Oct 14, 2009

Kayaks in the mist

The mahogany halls here at Lunker Hunt have been quiet lately, perhaps you've noticed. I'll take the blame as I've had a couple things going on in my non-fishing life to distract me. Nothing serious so don't fret. In fact it's been a pretty good month for me.

The last time I fished was Sep 27th, and it was a pretty boring trip. I didn't catch a thing, but enjoyed my time none the less. I got to watch a cow come down a steep bank for a drink and then see her panic while looking for a way out. Later I spent a long time trying to catch carp on the fly. The Bagel has a pretty good carp population and they were tailing in the shallows, but despite all my efforts I ended the day without a fish.

Tonight I'm acknowledging my apathy for you loyal blog readers, and feel like posting. Without fishing for a few weeks I don't have much material. But I do want to take the time to share a picture from that morning. It was immediately after I got in the water, and before I wet a line. I'm afraid a picture doesn't do justice to the moment.