Feb 2, 2010

The aura of bad luck could be felt as far south as Bismark

A few months ago, I brought you news of a fishing tournament where the average total was a staggering 1160 fish per boat (the winners counted 4150 fish).  Today it is my pleasure to bring you the other extreme.

In this article they've done their best to hide the dismal results.  However, savvy readers will see this weekend wasn't a great time to fish Devil's Lake, ND.  A total of 38 fish were caught by 4400 tournament anglers, an average 0.0086 fish per angler.

So if you're sitting at home - hypothetically we'll say you're somewhere in Idaho - wondering why you can't catch fish this winter, just be happy you were no where near Devil's Lake on Saturday.


  1. You know, that makes me feel a lot better! Not that I take pleasure in the misery of other fisherman........but, well, you know =)
    I can't fathom that many fisherman tossing in the water and only 38 fish were caughts. Thats horrid.

    Thank you for sharing! That hypothetical person in Idaho probably feels alittle brighter right now.

  2. And another hypothetical angler from Idaho feels better to after reading this. Rebecca and I have them surrounded so something should give pretty soon.

  3. That's a pretty astonishing fact comng from Devil Lake. That's usally an ice fishing FACTORY.


  4. Rebecca and Mel, maybe the aura was bigger than I thought. Idaho isn't far. Come to think of it, I haven't caught a fish in some time.

    Wolfy, take Devil Lake's ice fishing history and add the fact at least a few out of 4400 people cheated. You've got a REALLY bad day.


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