Feb 26, 2010

Call me selfish, I would like the same considerations

The Illinois Department of Public Health has issued it's 2010 sport fish consumption advisory.  This year, the publication comes with an official statement. Sadly, this is a list that never grows shorter; this year's advisory features five new bodies of water in addition to those listed last year.

  • "These additions are the result of expanded and directed sampling by the Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program and do not suggest that Illinois fish are becoming more contaminated. "

Have no fear; the new waters are listed because they don't didn't do a thorough job sampling the state's lakes.

I've made my point about this in the past.  In reality the list shouldn't scare most people, but it does and has gotten my attention.  Sure adult men and women "beyond childbearing age" can eat a little, but why bother?

Do other states have similar advisories?


  1. In Minnesota we do. Our DNR has info on most fishing lakes and the eating advisories are foung there. Google MN DNR Lake Finder, if you want to see it.

  2. California Department of Fish & Game has a whole page on what fish, from what lake or stream, to eat and what age should eat how many. Quickly, it breaks down to kids 1-17 & women 18-45 should eat a lot less than women over 45 and men.The list if 5 pages long. Makes you wonder.


  3. It is good to know that while my state may sit head and shoulders above others when it comes to government corruption, we're all equally polluted.

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