Feb 6, 2010

Creative Juices Streaming

I tied these tasty bass flies last week. I'm just getting around to posting pictures, hope you enjoy.

It started with an attempt to make a Bart-o Minnow, despite the fact I'm missing about fifty percent of the required materials.  I made due with what I have and the results do not look much like the Bart-o.  However, I'm pleased with the result and this is a fly I can't wait to try.

I like to use regular hooks for flies because they're cheap and easy to find, so I started with a 2/0 Eagle Claw plain shank hook.  I then tied in the following from tail to head.
  • Clump of white buck tail (not too much or it will look like the olive fly above)
  • Three white hackle feathers (left, top and right sides of hook)
  • Two clumps of artic fox fur (left and right side of hook)
  • 10-16 strands of pearl flash or tinsel (on top only)
  • White rabbit zonker strip (tied onto bottom side)
  • Darker rabbit zonker strip (tied onto top)
  • Palmer the white strip forward to head
  • Two strands peacock herl for lateral lines (left and right side of hook)
  • Lay darker zonker strip over the top and tie in at head
  • 40lb mono weed guard.
I suspect she'll be pretty bouyant with all that fluff but I'll wait to see before I adding weight to the next version.

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  1. As usual, Cliff, well done! I like the durability of rabbit strip flies as compared to Marabou feathers. Bass beware!


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