Jun 27, 2010

A brief thought about four

Once in the net, I was sure she'd go four.

Alas, a half pound shy.  I'm ashamed of my disappointment.

Jun 21, 2010

Lack of Action and Action

I set out with dreams of capturing hot kayak cam footage of the hot top water bite I found last week. Yet the only bite I could manage was this...

Hardly the acrobatic display you're accustomed to seeing on internet video. Plus I was unable to drive the hook home so I guess I'll try again someday. I think I need a camera man because that video is crumby.  If I hadn't told you a fish struck, I doubt you would notice.

And when the day had earned full dismal status and thunderheads pushed me toward the ramp, a little surprise was there to keep the skunk away.

What business does a nine inch fish have with a seven inch Senko? I guess his large mouth calls the shots while the small stomach is left to pick up the pieces.

Oh, and the vanilla cupcake body spray worked splendidly.

Jun 11, 2010

And it is Best to Avoid the Glitter Variety

I walked through the aisle three times while casually browsing the body spray selections.  On the fourth time through, I knew what I needed and I knew right where it was.  After waiting out a shampoo shopper, I confirm all witnesses absent and quickly grabbed the goods.  I darted to the checkout, found a liberal looking clerk and in no time I was back in the safety of my 4x4 truck listening to rock 'n roll.

The downside is huge but the upside is huge-er.  Simply trade in a chunk of your manliness and receive a life free of buffalo gnats.  Buffalo gnats were first mentioned on Lunkerhunt on April 14th, 2007 and they showed up again in May of 2008.  The pesky buggers hatch around this time every year, buzz around your head for a few weeks and then disappear.  Prolonged exposure leads to tiny red bite marks.  I can say with certainty no amount of bug spray will work but cigar smoke works a little.  But a guy can't smoke constantly for an hours long outing.

Monday I met Randy and Monday Randy changed my life.  I hate buffalo gnats soooo much and was about to call it quits when I noticed him sitting comfortably still while I swatted the air violently; I had to know his secret.  I paddled on over and struck up a conversation, which I eventually steered toward gnats.  His solution: vanilla body spray.  Being on the brink of insanity I had nothing to lose and by God it worked...it really worked.

I will give you fair warning.  The Mrs. may balk on your next request for leave if you come home smelling of vanilla cupcakes.

Jun 8, 2010

It's All About the Benjamins, and I Have Two

What better way to celebrate my 200th post than to recap the splendid fishing I experienced last night?

When I stepped out of work the weather was perfect, the hourly forecast was sketchy, the wife was away, my brain was frustrated and I had over four hours of daylight left.  I can be pretty thick at times but all signs pointed toward fish.  It isn't often the stars align like that.  I thought about going back to Snakeden Hollow, but the weather man suggested I head south instead of west - Banner Marsh it was then!

With a front scheduled to come through, I flashed back to my last Banner trip in which the wind wreaked havoc, so the long rod stayed home and I regretted the decision.  I was greeted by a lake polished to a mirror finish and the wind stayed down all evening.  I started out with a shaky head worm, but didn't get any action and switched out to a white buzz bait.  The next 30 minutes was pure unadulterated awesome.

The above fish is my biggest this year (so far) and weighed 3lb 14oz.  She was the second on top water and she spurred a flurry of txting.  It started out with a simple picture message to let Scott know I cracked a dandy.  Then my phone recorded the next thirty minutes of fun.

5:52pm - Clif:    [picture message fish #2 shown above]
6:10pm - Scott:  Not too bad
6:11pm - Scott:  U need over 4 lol
6:12pm - Scott:  Still better than any of mine (editors note: Scott is sitting at 0 this year)
6:12pm - Clif:    buzz bait bite is going on tonight
6:13pm - Scott:  Really
6:13pm - Clif:    3 in a half hour so far
6:14pm - Scott:  Nice, u by yourself
6:15pm - Clif:    by myself, make it 4
6:16pm - Clif:    5 now
6:19pm - Clif:    [picture message of #6, a nice 2.5 pounder]
6:21pm - Scott:  U at banner?
6:21pm - Clif:    yep and this is f*cking awesome
6:22pm - Scott:  Lol wish i was there
6:23pm - Scott:  the perfect time between storms
6:23pm - Clif:    just missed one that made my drag scream
6:24pm - Scott:  Man
And there you have it; I've used my 200th post to introduce a new blog feature: The text message recap...riveting isn't it?  It will probably surpass Twitter in 5-6 months.  Seriously now, the key bits of information are documented right there in my phone and that's why I took the time to type it out.  I caught my second fish around ten minutes before six o'clock and boated four more in the next half hour.

You have no doubt noticed the line went dead after "The One That Got Away".  Bass number seven took quite a bit more work than numbers one through six.  At twenty after six, all the fish went home and I didn't see another until an hour later.  Strange that the bite shut down like it did with no discernible difference above the water, but I'm happy to have experienced what I did.

Do not panic - no one slipped acid into your meatloaf; I must have moved the camera phone just right for the face melt above.  I snapped the last fish picture to show you the odd coloration many fish had.  This one was gray enough for me to think it was a freshwater drum when it came boat side.

I wrapped up the night chatting with Randy (I think that was his name) and he seems to know as much about my lake as I do.  We swapped stories and tips - I learned about a drop off on the west side and I showed him the submerged hump near the slap happy beaver.  He also shared one of the best tips ever...so good it deserves it's own story and you'll have to wait for post #201.