Jul 22, 2010

Did the Lights Flicker or Did I Just Blink?

For the fourth annual installment of the TBA fishing trip we toned it down a notch.  Over four days we only fished two evenings and two mornings.  Despite less time in the boat, this was by far the best year fishing-wise.  A pretty good year for local beer sales too!

In years past we've struggled to dial up the right combination and an apathy towards fishing was deeply seeded before this year's trip had begun.  In fact, before even wetting a line we found our priority lay in Milwaukee at a few breweries.

Once fishing finally began, we started out modestly with four decent fish, but everything was proceeding as expected: slow and steady without much to note.  In fact it was all so boring, the details are a little blurry for me.

As the sun set on Saturday, I held a slim lead with a barely legal 2.75 lb.  Dave, Scott and Tom were knocking on the the door with their catches.

Colton and Todd...well...at least they were keeping the skunk away.

And with the prospects looking slim, we took to the bottle.  No fishing Saturday night as we focused on something in which we were guaranteed success.....and good God did I ever succeed.

After a few extra hours of pillow time, things weren't looking much brighter so we did what we do best on Sunday too.

And as the sun set on the final day, we decided we better make sure the trip could honestly be called a fishing trip.  So we set out to try the weed line located about 200 yards from the front door.  And that's when the magic happened.

While anchored in ten feet of water, Scott kicked things off with a four pounder to take the lead.  Everyone took notice and agreed the edge deserved a closer look.

Then Colton cracked a couple dandies, one in the three pound class.

Scott followed up with an upgrade to 4.5 pounds and a picture, which really makes his eyes pop.

Then Tom discovered that sometime after the sun went down and a couple Shandies were down, his ten inch worm had become a two incher.  We're not sure how long he was fishing it, but I think it explains a certain lack of fish.

And then I set a personal record with a 5.1 pound fish to secure a win and close out the trip.  If you're interested, read more about that fish here.  Thinking of all those years of mediocre fishing, while the lunkers were lunking on our front stoop... it's enough to make a grown man cry.

I suspect next year may see a renewed focus on fishing.  If all goes well, we'll really hit our stride...bottle in hand.


  1. Now that's a drinki...I mean fishing report!

  2. It was the strangest thing, the previous tenants didn't bother throwing out their beer bottles. Just left them on the railing for us to deal with.

  3. That is what I call determination! Might have to set up a few of those contests myself and call it "The Cast and chug!"

    Sweet post, man.

  4. Wow!...This enlightens me more than Tom's brief description of the weekend events! I'm sure the Cottage will be looked upon in a whole new light by the locals! -Loved the post-

  5. I love your pictures of all the beer--pretty funny. At least I know you guys are drinking high class beer, what with the bottles vs. cans and Fat Tire, etc. But I'm glad it turned out to be a fishing trip after all. Your blog is looking awesome, btw!

  6. man, that second bottle from the front in the first picture and the top left bottle in the last beer picture look mighty delicious.

  7. @EVON - Look at all those other options man! you're the worst kind of beer snob.


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