Jan 1, 2011

It's Best To Use Sparingly

I dislike resolutions and goals because I hate not being able to fulfill them. The Buddhists say a key to happiness is to avoid all expectations - I'm no Buddhist but, believe me, it is a fundamentally sound practice.  However, the philosophy reeks havoc in the modern world so it's best to use sparingly.  Here is a modest set of goals for the year. I believe all to be achievable and each requiring more than luck.  I'll even put a little side bar on this blog to help stay vigilant, crossing items off a list is extremely satisfying... if only I felt good about leaving them unchecked.
  1. Start and maintain a fishing log. Data can be a beautiful thing if you have the patience to process it and wherewithal to draw reasonable conclusions.
  2. Catch a 3lb bass on 4lb test.  This was a secret goal for 2010 left unfulfilled; I came close once but could probably have tried a little harder.
  3. Catch a musky or pike on a fly rod.  Any size will do.
  4. Set a new personal record by catching a bass heavier than 5.1 pounds.
  5. Write a check to a taxidermist.
  6. Capture some decent footage of a bass destroying a top water lure/fly.  The word decent is key here.
  7. Fly fish for trout in Colorado or Montana.  The past two years I have declined an invitation to the Big Horn River and I severely regret it.  This year I will not say no, so if you're reading this...please ask again.
  8. Visit the East Peoria Bass Pro Shops on opening day. Then go buy something from locally owned Presley's as penance for my sins.  Last word was BPS will open in the fall of 2011 and I hope they have some ridiculous opening day event.


  1. I'm thinking a trip to Colorado or Montana sounds pretty darn good, too. Perhaps we could schedule a "blogger's trip" and handful of us meet out west somewhere, sometime. Then come home and see who could write the biggest lies. Hmmmm.....

    Happy New Year, my friend, and may you attain ALL of them fine goals.

  2. A fine list of resolutions and they all look like they are achievable. We'll be here rooting you on.


  3. Clif, an honest man's resolutions. I like. Hmmm, a trip to Colorado you say?

  4. Pretty good looking list of goals, Clif. There is a possibility we'll be putting together a western - probably COL - "rendevous" via OBN this summer - stay tuned! (I'm always looking for an excuse to fly fish)

  5. @Mike - See comment from Wolfy...

    @Shoreman - Thanks for the support, but I won't be tracking $/fish this year. Good luck with your own.

    @Cofisher - See comment from Wolfy...

    @Wolfy - Should be interesting. I was hoping to get in with a friend who treks from Denver to Montana every year. But if that doesn't pan out this year I'll be looking to finish #7.

  6. They look good to me. Like how you added them to your blog in plain sight too. I'm eagerly waiting for #6.

    #5 shouldn't be that tough, I'm sure if you google "taxidermist" you'll find a ton of names & addresses.

  7. Something tells me you will be getting an invite to our annual MT trip. We've moved it up a month so I hope you can still make it!


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