Jan 23, 2011

Just Like Jay and Silent Bob

I recently got on a hot streak and won two blog contests - in a row. First I won Owl's Free Flies, Yes Really contest.  How and why? I'm not sure.  Two days later I won Cofisher's Trivial Pursuit contest, apparently because I'm better at Googling than all his other readers...well except one.  Unfortunately the state lottery commission failed to get the message.

Both prizes arrived yesterday at the exact same time, and I must say they match splendidly. Owl sent the flies and Cofisher sent the fly box.  The fly box came as advertised, but the there must have been a mix up with the flies.  Owl promised "a baker's dozen."  I've heard that phrase used to describe a couple different quantities, usually thirteen. Not once have I heard it used to describe fifteen of something.  Fifteen tiny little flies, I would tell you about them but to me they look like just that: tiny little flies.  Maybe Owl will chime in and tell me what they are called, otherwise just look at the picture.

I'll leave you to speculate about which is Silent Bob.


  1. I think Silent Bob slipped out somewhere over Northern Georgia! Did I win anything?
    Congrats again Clif. Owl's great looking flies look stylish in that great looking box.

  2. Hey, 13, 15 who's counting. Always good to get at least what you're expecting.


  3. Hey, I was wondering if the Post Office decided to slip a new box into my package!? ;)

    Let's see...you got:
    Two Orange Stingers(ants)
    9 Elk Hair Caddis
    2 prototype nymphs
    One Black Tenkara Fly
    and one streamer that I haven't found a name for yet.

    And Clif, thanks for the return flies. That was very nice of you, but my wife is now mad at you. I opened the package and immediately said " I need a 7 wt. for these..." :)
    Thanks! Maybe you can tempt some bluegills this spring with those teeny flies.

  4. @Owl,
    It's about time you showed up to tell me what I have.

    About the flies you received, you may get by with a 5wt. Especially with the unweighted one. Otherwise they'd make nice drying patches.


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