Feb 16, 2011

Video Instructions: Clif's Crawdad Fly

I don't normally do requests...usually because I never get any.  However, I did get one a few weeks back in this post.  Jonn would like to see video instructions for Clif's Crawdad.  So here it is.  Even if you don't chase bass, you will appreciate what happens at 1:45ish.

Sorry that took so long to deliver.  I had to order new hackle, and even then it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.  Strange things happen though and I needed some content for this week in a hurry. I whipped that video up last night, while I should have been packing.  Had I more time, I would have done a better job with camera focus.

Alright water, open up!


  1. Clif, where did you get the Eagle Claw hooks? They're scarce as hen's teeth! Nice tie, I think you did a nice job on the video.

  2. Nice! Looks great. You tried 60 degree jig hooks with that yet?

  3. @Cofisher: BassPro I believe, sitting right there on the virtual shelf. Thanks for the compliment, I really threw this together in a hurry.

    @AA: I don't have any 60 degree hooks right now. Probably work just as well or better.

  4. clif:

    LOVED THE VIDEO. As soon as my newest shipment of tying materials comes in, Cliff's Craw will be one of the first flies I tie. I have a bunch of 60 degree Eagle Claw jig hooks that I will use. 60 degrees are much less snag prone than 90s. If you want any 60s let me know and I will ship you some. If you want to check out the hook that I am talking about, it is the Eagle Claw 410. It is a saltwater hook. Thanks for taking the time
    to post the video.


  5. Son of a bit...time out. Cool looking tie and the video is a bonus! We plan to hit up some bass areas this summer, so your video will come in handy. Very cool; and the focusing is fine by the way.

  6. @Jonn: I'd be curious to know why a 60degree is more weed proof than a 90.

    @Stephanie: Good luck with the bass, they are a hoot.

  7. A 60 degree hook is not more "weed proof" than a 90, but it is more "rock proof"...........that is why I prefer it. When you hang up a 90 degree in rocks, it is tough to pop it out, but a 60 will usually pop out much better.

    I tied my first Clif's Craw a few days ago............it came out great. I did not have Thin Skin, so I used Swiss Straw......looks good.

  8. You almost had me wanting to tie a "bottom bouncer"! Everyone needs a time out once in awhile...ha.


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