Mar 22, 2011

I'm No Steve Kline, but I Do Pretty Good

Yesterday Troutrageous! wrote a post about how his cheatin' ways most likely caused him a three month fish drought.  We'll call it T-Rage's Fishless Period.  In the comment section of that post, the always observant Owl Jones noted Mike's "5 year old Orvis hat" was in better condition than any five year old hat should be, some might even call it mint.

It made me think about my Cardinals hat and how long I've had it.  The hat was a gift for a very specific event in my life so I can undoubtedly say, as of today, it is seven years old.  Let's dig into the Lunker Hunt archives and see where it's I'm so excited.

2006 - Lunkerhunt's first post EVAR, hat approximately 2 years old at this point

2006 - With my favorite hat and my wife's shirt

2007 - Starting to fade

2008 - Maybe a string hanging from the bill?

2008 - The bill is starting to rip. Looks like I got some paint on it too.

2009 - Four months later, it's really going to hell. 5 years old now

2009 - Now it's a challenge

2009 - From "Bad" to "Oh, holy hell!"

2010 - Vanilla is added to Deet for bouquet unlike anything else.

2010 - I'm drunk in this picture

2010 - My hat's last known appearance on Lunker Hunt.

I used to do more than fish in that hat but these days it's doubled it's weight due to layers of deet, grease, fish slime and vanilla body spray. The missus won't even touch it and I can't wash it; another spin cycle is bound to ruin it. The only solution is to become a two hat man:

2011 - Fishing hat and his one year old little brother.

I wonder what adventures my fishing hat will see this year...

(If you don't get the Steve Kline reference click here)


  1. Very nice post, Clif. I have too many hats to put that much wear on just one. I sadly lost my favorite fishing hat last year. I went underwater to cool off while wading in the summer heat... and when I came up my hat had floated off my head and it disappeared into the cloudy water. I spent 30 min diving around in that pool with my eyes open trying desperately to find it... with no luck. I've since replaced it, but it's not the same.

  2. Fun post, you...kid.

  3. I don't understand. Why do you need another hat? That one looks just fine to me. And it sounds like it actually smells good too!

  4. Nice progression of pictures. I wear a Yankees hat (I get a lot of heat for it in PA). I don't like the Yankees or even really follow baseball but it's the only one big enough to fit!

    Funny how after all the abuse a hat almost becomes a best friend.

  5. clif, when plastic is visible on the bill, you have done good work.

    functioning - they make phillies hats that should be big enough to fit anyones head. get rid of the NY on the head.

  6. @Jay: perhaps it dissolved.

    @Cofisher: I'm not sure how to respond to that.

    @Dr. Timmy: It's not the looks or the smell. It's the feel. My hat feels like someone dipped it in bacon grease and then sprinkled sand on it.

    @Funk: I too have a monster head. You can usually find the large sizes on-line. Also, see Ivan's comment below. Wearing a yankees hat is almost as bad as a cubs hat around here.

    @Ivan: I'm happy to have the old pictures to prove i didn't buy it with the bill frayed.

  7. Wow, that's some serious work on that bill. You chew on it or something? Otherwise, outstanding job. I've kinda lost some respect for Func though, Yankees? Really?

  8. I got the Steve Kline reference. He used to wear one hat for the whole year. Just think you have had yours for many, many years. I think you "one upped" Steve Kline.

  9. Congrats on a great looking hat! You finally broke it in.. Plus thumbs up for the Kline reference not to mention he's a WVU Alum!!

  10. Once that bill starts to fray, the game is over. I'd say the hat served you well.


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