Apr 1, 2011

Meet Dan

This one isn't going to make the final cut, but is worth sharing.  Another tidbit to keep you waiting apathetically for my post about Montana:

Meet Dan.  He, like most other fishermen, is prone to bouts of untruthiness.  He thought I was holding up the camera to take a picture and later found out this video exists.

Right about now he is finding out I posted it to the interweb.


  1. What forced perspective? At least it ain't Photoshopped.

  2. You're still here, so he didn't beat you with it.

  3. HI-larious. I think this is the funniest picture of the whole MT stock footage this year! Although there are some other good ones too....to come?

  4. How'd Dan make that fish shrink???

  5. The grin, growing as he pushes the fish out to the "camera" is awesome. Watched this a few times....hehe...


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