May 30, 2011

Listeria Gets the Run

Today is Memorial Day and time to get the dog's kiddy pool out of the attic.

Have a good summer everyone!


  1. God knows, I've experienced many of those. I used to get so tan that my mother would tell me to take a shower because she thought I was dirty. Nope, only deeply tanned.


  2. great video to kick off the summer...ha!

  3. Loved it, Clif. If I could only have some summer or sun or something better than 49 degrees on Memorial Day!

  4. @Tubeman: We've all been there.

    @Howie: Right back at cha!

    @Sanders: I think so too and have been waiting FOREVER to post it on Memorial Day.

    @Mel: Move out of Idaho, problem solved. We topped out at 94 today, which is is the reverse (and maybe worse) of your 49


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