Jun 10, 2011

Coincidentally First

This is a picture of my first crappie of the year. It is also the first crappie I've found in this particular pond. It took a fly, which was wet for the first time ever. Coincidentally, the streamer was from a batch Owl sent...the first batch. This is the first blog post composed and published only using our new Motorola XOOM.

Yes this is a slow pitch for the first person to comment...see below.


  1. Ahhh...you're lucky im up this early to go to work. Well...the first person thinks that is a crappy of a fish there!

  2. So there are crappie in there, well done.

  3. since RD or mark didn't say it..


  4. Firsts are fun. Always fun to experience a pond you have zero idea about going into.

  5. @RD: way to bungle up the first comment, see Ivan's below

    @Mark: I was a little surprised to catch one so close to shore

    @Ivan: Thank you

    @Stephstin: I'm starting to learn a little more about this one, namely the lilly pads make it a pain to fish.


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