Jun 6, 2011

A Cool Can of Summer

Not sweet, not sour.
No bubbles, no bite.
Straight up delicious.

These lips have never before
allowed passage to such a joy.
If you see it on the shelf,
buy every can they have.

Thank me later.


  1. i can't help but think that j.weed is mikes hard with an ed hardy shirt on. i will take a glass bottle of the high life or blacksmith cutthroat IPA or kettlehouse double haul IPA or.... or.... or....

  2. Jeremiah Weed...premixed in a can. Interesting. I will say I do love some J. Weed with some lemonade while floating down the river - this can version would be a great replacement!


  3. @ivanski: once again you are wrong. This tastes nothing like mikes or any other zima knock off. Tastes just like lemonade. The marketing team assures me you'll be more of a man drinking this than you could ever be with any bottle of beer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BUPbzyHSGA. Man up already, would ya?

    @Stephanie: its made in Illinois, but I started seeing ads for it on national TV this past weekend. If you can't find it yet, wait a week.

  4. I haven't had the lemonade, but I did have the J weed tea vodka with water. They called it a "Weed and Water" or "Bong Water" or, my favorite, "Michael Phelps."

    It was delish. I'll have to check out the Lightning.

  5. Never seen it before, but, will be checking the shelves for it to make it out my way.

  6. I was wanting a review of this! Now gonna have to give it a try

  7. Looks delicious...gonna have to try some, that and the bong water d nash is speaking of....


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