Jun 8, 2011

Eat It Already

Saturday I nabbed about an hour and a half before the storm. It's not often an opportunity like this comes on the weekend and I intended to take advantage. With limited time, I opted out of a forty minute drive to find three pounders and opted instead for something close.  I hit the water as the sky started to spit and was greeted once again by the frustration of timid gills. You can see what I mean in the video below. Sorry for the video quality, my HD camera is on the fritz and going in soon for repair/replacement.

It weren't for not, I still managed to find a couple hungry fish and take one decent picture.


  1. I'm glad you got out clif and thanks for the video.

  2. hahaha...man they really do like that thing, don't they? :) LOL

  3. Clif, I have had some similar experiences in the past to what was occurring on the video. I came to believe that they really weren't interested in feeding or eating the bug, but, just wanted to "Tease" it or "bump" it aggressively so the bug would leave the area. Now, how is that for a theory!

  4. @Cofisher: This is my generic response to your generic comment.

    @owl: they didn't like it quite enough that day. A little more aggression would have been welcome

    @Mel: I get that feeling too sometimes. Little buggers they are.


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