Jun 2, 2011

He, Me and the Hmph

He: "Wow"
Me: "Hello"
He: "Have any luck with that thing?"
Me: "Not today."
He: "Ever catch 'em here?"
Me: "Last two times I did pretty good."
He: "Better than regular poles?"
Me: "It depends. Are you using live bait?"
He: "Yep."
Me: "I'd have a chance if it weren't for the bait."
He: "Hmph"

Our summer season awoke on Memorial Monday and she was a cruel mistress right off the bat. The truck's thermometer climbed to ninety-four and a slight breeze did little to keep my under carriage dry. Sunday's storm left behind thick brown water and a clear blue sky. The rain's added moisture slipped the humidity dial past eleven and settled it on "Midwest." A perfect day for fishing and a terrible day for catching...

Tying tippet in the shade

Two hours later and we met up again, this time in the parking lot.

He: "Didn't catch a damn thing."
Me: "I didn't do much better."
He: "Hmph"

It ain't much, but it's beautiful

He may not know we were competing, and he may not know he lost.


Side note: this is my first foray into the "read more" world. I'm not going to do this all the time, but I'm curious how it works and if I can add it to the repertoire for future stuff. If it all goes wrong, I'll fix it and we'll be back to normal in no time. I'm curious what you think....see comment button below


  1. I've been toying with the idea of doing it to all the posts, if you have been on my site you will see i havent crossed over to the "dark- side"... yet

    I scares me a little thinking theres one more click to read the full post, i am intrested to read some others feedback as well

  2. I've used read mores for a long time and don't know if it has deterred further reading. Probably. But it also lets me show more posts and, more importantly, the photos at their tops. The challenge is to write enough of a tease into the first paragraph(s) to get people to want to press read more.

    The one nod I've given to those who don't like to read more is that I no longer do it in the "current" post - only interjecting it when I add a new one.

    I figure that if one more click is too much for someone to continue, I haven't done my job to get their attention. Oh well.

    Sorry 'bout the long comment. It probably needs a read more of its own. :-)

  3. I always "read more" when coming over to this blog...so it wouldn't affect me, anyway!! Ya, Memorial Day weekend fishing was...Hmph!

  4. Loved this post. Adored the dialog. :)

  5. I write another blog for the local newspaper and all the posts are a "read more" format. On that blog, it helps track how many read the post, but don't comment. Don't know if blogger does this other than just in the stats area.


  6. I've thought about the "read more" option, but haven't pulled the trigger on it. I'm interested to hear what others say. As for me, on some blogs I don't click to read more, but on other blogs I always click it. I guess it depends on how intriguing the intro paragraph is, and if I normally like the content on the blog.

    As for this post, it was great. I loved the dialog with "him".

  7. Not sure how I feel about the read more option...probably depends on the blog, and how much I like it. People would see it on my blog, and run for the hills :-)

    ...great day for fishing, bad day for catching...I know the feeling.

  8. This blog appears to have turned me on.... I want more.

  9. I'm all for "Read More" but choose not to use it. Let me know how your experiment works out.

    Nice to see you put one in the win column.

  10. @blake: if you wanted others' feedback, please see above.

    @Mike: Yes, if you pardon my interrupting you, I think you need a hook above the "read more"

    @RDeazzie: What can I say to that except thank you.

    @The Emb: Thank you too, I couldn't remember the exact words for the dialog so there might be a scoche of embellishment.

    @Tubeman: I'm not sure what blogger tracks, because I honestly never look at the blogger "stats." They are overly simplified for a data freak like me.

    @Stephanie: give it a shot, you probably won't like it.

    @Sander: the problem with outdoorsy people isn't keeping them from the hills. You've got to convince them to come inside first.

    @Anonymous: Wow, I like where this is going.

    @T-Rage: I was hoping to lure some people in from their feed readers, but my stats were basically unaffected by this "read more." Maybe the number of people who didn't bother with a click offset the number of people who clicked through from a reader.

    I don't think it's worth the trouble to use read more...unless the perfect opportunity presents itself.


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