Jun 21, 2011

Three Months From Eight

More business travel, this week it's Michigan. Still no fishing, but before leaving town I checked in on 2011 goal number eight:

Things are coming right along at the East Peoria Bass Pro Shop construction zone.


  1. i bet you can hardly wait. for as much flack bass pro gets, it has always served me well. Im 15 minutes from the gurnee store and almost never have a need to shop anywhere else. I usually earn enough points to get a free fishing rod every year as well

  2. I've got to say that between all the big box sports stores I've been to in Colorado, BPS is hands down the best.

  3. Clif- how can you come to MI and not fish? Field and Stream says we're the best state to fly fish in, period. The best state is probably whichever one finds with a rod in your hands and some time to kill. Looks like you have big box fever going on. I always enjoy going but find they don't specialize enough to carry what I need as a fly angler. Still, it's always like visiting a theme park for outdoorsmen. Contact me if you ever need a quick suggestion on MI waters.

  4. @Blake: This will be about five minutes from my house. I'm pretty stoked.

    @Cofisher: I'm thinking about plopping down at their bar on opening day and climbing into the jug.

    @Fonti: I was actually in Michigan for less than 24 hours. Free time wasn't in the books, but I go there often. Focusing on the western burbs of Detroit (Canton) what can you suggest for an hour or two?

  5. Canton eh? The Huron River flows just south of there. It's loaded with smallmouth and carp, and has multiple reservoirs near there that have all the warmwater species- pike, bass, crappie etc. If you go to Ann Arbor just west of there and go to any of the Metro Parks they'll rent you a canoe or kayak for cheap. Ford and Belleville lakes are two of the impoundments near Canton that are known for bass, or try the Lower Huron Metro Park to fish the river. Let me know if you try it.

  6. @Fonti: wow, great tips. Now the long shot is finding a little bit of time to try them out.


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