Aug 5, 2011

Don't Go Revenging In My Name

Happy Friday you loser. While the guys are out sniffing glitter, you're stuck here with me and these two beards:

This past summer, I was hanging out with the parental units while Summer Camp was rocking within earshot. It's seriously cool to hang out on their deck and listen to music all weekend long. The biggest name of 2011 may have been Hewey Lewis, but The Avett Brothers were the ones I loved most...this video is as fun to watch as hear:

This next one was, by far, the most fun to listen to live....

Here is some more, soak it up...

Ok, that's too sappy Friday posts in a row. Next week it'll be something more manly, if I can figure out exactly what that means.


  1. They remind me of Emmet Otter's jug band....just without the jug.

  2. If you're looking more manly, just check out T!

  3. @T-Rage: I had to look it up, but you are correct sir. There is a resemblence.

    @Cosifher: I don't fully understand that comment, but I assume it is in reference to the hairy naked guy currently featured on T!

  4. How are we supposed to compete with this? Seriously? You had to slam dunk it didn't you? Unreal. You're off my Christmas list.

  5. i understand. you have to get a little emo for two straight weeks after posting some manly Regulating shiz three weeks earlier. This is pretty crappy.


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