Feb 19, 2012

Turn out the Lights. The Party's Over.

They say that all good things must end.
Call it a night. The party's over.
And tomorrow start the same old thing again.

In this world of fiber optics and instant gratification, eighteen months seems a long time to shutter the door at Lunker Hunt global headquarters. If you consider the same duration in reference to your lifespan...well, it's not such a long time after all.  My wife and I have decided to spend that amount of our life embarked on an adventure sure to excite and terrify in equal parts.

A few months ago we were knocked off balance with an option to move, but we're hitting our stride once again. Uncertainty will be certain in our lives from this day forth, of that much I'm sure.
It is a brief moment in time really. Lengthy enough to expand our world view, develop new friendships and provide a story for the twilight years. Short enough to miss little back home and enable stepping back into "real life" at full speed - by then, all the more stronger.

And when this next party is over we will look back, appreciate the amazing opportunity and set sights on the next big thing. Until that day, my friends, when we meet again.