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My name is Clif and I'm a desk jockey by day, and an angler by weekend. During warmer months, I try to get on the water at least once per week. Central Illinois is where I hang my hat and usually where I fish. Occasionally my vacation time is dedicated to fishing the waters of Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin and elsewhere, but my home waters are local public areas such as Banner Marsh, Snakeden Hollow, the Illinois River and others

I was a casual angler for most of my life, notching a couple wet lines per year throughout my youth.  During high school and college an addiction began to take hold.  My place in the world as a angler was solidified during a single summer break, during which I was on the Illinois River banks 2-3 times per week honing the craft and hoping to catch...well...anything hungry.

I enjoy taking pictures, and really love it when I manage a good one.  My writing style tends to mimic my mind.  Though I do not usually have much to talk about, I think a bunch and writing gives me a place to put thoughts most don't know I have.  I have a dry sense of humor and keep a straight face - two traits to get me in trouble with the unforewarned.  These traits also translate absolutely into my writing style, where you'll find subtle humor and sarcasm hidden behind straight faced Veranda font presented in a comforting light gray hue.